Ten Tips for Choosing The Right SEO Company

Choosing a reputable SEO company can be very challenging, so to break it down I have listed the top ten tips to eliminate some of the confusion.

1) Keyword Optimization – Your websites on page optimization is a critical part of keyword optimization. The company you are interviewing should be able to optimize your keywords and suggest new ones if necessary.

2) Size – No two SEO campaigns are the same. A good company will structure your SEO campaign to best suit your requirements.

3) Linking Strategy – A good SEO company should be able to perform an analysis on your back link portfolio and provide a way to improve it.

4) Page Rank – The company should offer ways to improve your page rank.

5) Time – A good SEO company should not be taking up your time by constantly asking for guidance. After an initial meeting your time should be spent running your business.

6) Pricing – This is where you will need to really do your home work. Compare pricing with other companies to make sure they are competitively priced. SEO pricing can be all over the board, so make sure your comparisons are an equal match.

7) Communication – It is important to get good contact information on the SEO company you are going to use. This will come in handy when requesting updates on your websites progress.

8) Customer Care – Customer service is a great way to see how reliable the SEO company is. If questions come up, you should get answers within a reasonable amount of time.

9) Value – Does the SEO pricing compare with other ways of advertising? Do they offer faster results for a lower cost than traditional advertising?

10) Detailed Reports – A reputable SEO company will provide you with detailed reports so you can track your websites performance. A printed out report is much more valuable than hearing it verbally.

Choosing the right SEO Company is critical to the success of your online business. Use the guidelines above and you will be starting on the right path to making your business profitable.